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Fundraising Fundamentals for Nonprofits (PROED 503) / Professional Education

What are the essential elements of a healthy fundraising program? We'll cover the principles of fundraising for nonprofit organizations, learn that fundraising is a process, and explore the steps of that process. Topics include: definitions of different kinds of contributions; the role of volunteers and the board in fundraising; the fundraising cycle; how to develop a broad base of prospects and donors; developing an integrated fundraising program; creating a development plan; goal-setting, evaluation, and reporting. 

Summer 2014 Section 5
Days Date(s) Time Location Price
Th 05/15/14 9:00 am  - 4:00 pm MURRAY SITE Tuition: $179 + Special Fee: $10.00 = $189.00
Instructor: LISA A ARNETTE


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