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General Camp Questions

The activities offered at Club U have been meticulously planned in advance to maximize the fun and enrichment for all our participants, and having to accommodate late campers can complicate the smooth logistical operation of the camp day. We do not have a central office, nor staff on hand to facilitate getting late arrivals to activities. Please arrive to camp within the drop off window of 8:00am -8:15am.

We have a lot of fun and learning in store for participants of the program, and to help ensure that we get to everything that has been planned, the following guidelines are in place to ensure the safety and satisfaction for all campers:

  1. Please follow directions the first time - Club U is rigorously and meticulously planned, and by listening to instructions the first time, there should be more than enough time to get to all the fun!
  2. Respect others with your words and body - Club U is a safe place where campers and their counselors can be who they are without judgment or fear. This means that everyone involved in the program should be treated with respect. While Club U, nor any other institution for that matter, can promise a “Bully Free Zone” as these issues do tend to come up with developing children and adolescents, please know that the physical and emotional safety of all our Club U family is taken very seriously, and any individual who threatens to undermine the integrity or safety of the program will be confronted about their behavior.
  3. Think Safety First! - just a good general rule- always consider the consequences of your actions prior to acting, in word or deed.
Club U will always try to resolve behavioral issues with campers in a fair and respectful manner, working individually or with all persons involved in any conflict. Depending on the severity of the situation, Club U counselors will work through camper issues directly and should further resolution be necessary, Club U administrators will step in to assist in resolving matters. It should be noted that any campers who use physical aggression (shoving, punching, kicking, biting, or any other such actions that can cause harm to another individual in camp) to resolve conflicts on their own will be removed from Club U programming for the day and parents are required to pick their child from camp IMMEDIATELY. Re-admittance to Club U programming for any such individual removed will be at the discretion of the Club U Camp Director.
  1. Who your child's counselor is (name)
  2. What elective your child is signed up for (number or title)
  3. What days your child will be swimming
Liability Form
Information about and access to Liability Forms is on our Forms page. Make sure to only list One child per liability form. Siblings will need individual forms
Health Form
No- Liability forms are needed for programs taking place during the given University of Utah Semester. If your child attended camp in the summer and is registered for a break camp, you will need to resubmit the liability waiver
Upon registration, or any time after, account holders can list up to 4 individuals, including the account holder, as authorized pickups. These individuals will be listed on Club U group rolls, and will be allowed to pick campers from camp after providing picture identification. In the event that an individual who is not listed as an authorized contact needs to pick up a child from camp, it is the responsibility of the primary guardian to notify the Youth Education offices (801-581-6984) to supply the name of their camper (+ their counselor if possible) and the First and Last name of the person picking up from camp. The new pick up person will need to bring a photo ID.
Club U strives to provide the safest possible care for our campers at all times. There are many kids in and out of our programs over the course of the summer as well as mixing between various group leaders in camp. For this reason we want to make sure staff are releasing campers to appropriate and approved individuals. Please be prepared to pick up your children in person with ID ready. Please do not park your car and honk for your camper, our staff would love to tell you about your camper's day and address any concerns that you may have regarding the camp experience.

You will be sent an email the Thursday prior to the start of any given week of camp. This email will contain important information including an itinerary of the week's events, links to elective sign-ups, liability forms and permission waivers for select activities that will be offered that week.

Our system is designed with only one designated email address for means of effective communication, preferably the account holder. Please be sure that the email on file reflects the person you wish to receive camp communications. In joint custody situations, it will be the responsibility of the account holder to forward information to other caregivers.

Cell phones / Gizmos?

Club U’s programming is intended to bring children together in shared experiences that strengthen bonds of friendship and encourage an inclusive environment. Cell phones- particularly smartphones, can undermine the efforts undertaken by staff and administration.

Club U does recognize that advancing technologies are now a part of our daily lives and are a tool with which families stay connected to coordinate pickups. However there are real dangers associated with unchecked use of these technologies- cyberbullying, sexting, and digital conversations that take place out of sight and sound of parents and camp counselors. Camp is about creating genuine connections between individuals face to face - not through the screen of a digital device.

What about smartphone cameras? My camper wants to take photos to memorialize the great times they are having in camp, or pictures of their friends… can they use their cell phone for photographic purposes?

Again, there are very real dangers associated with the ease with which photographs can be distributed for purposes other than capturing fun times and new friends. Club U counselors have cameras for such purposes and can lend campers use of the camera. These cameras lack the functionality for immediate sharing and the images have to be downloaded prior to sharing. Cameras (digital and analog) are welcomed at camp so long as they cannot immediately share with others.

Game systems?

We’ve got games…. Plenty of games… games that involve people…. Real people who are right here with you to enjoy a shared experience! If you prefer to play video games, that’s fine…. Just do so outside of Club U :)

Camper to Guardian communication

Club U does not want to restrict communications between participants and their caretakers, however we do ask that cell phones remain in bags until the end of the day. Our staff are employed to assist in working any issues that might require parental involvement- whether these issues involve pick up arrangements, conflicts in camp, or any other matters - we ask that campers utilize their group leader to reach out to guardians rather than reaching out directly through personal devices. There could be issues or situations that Camp staff and administrators NEED to know about. If for any reason you receive a call, or text from your camper during operation times- your first question ought to be “Why are you calling me and not your camp counselor?” followed by “does your camp counselor know that you are on your phone, and were you granted permission?”

Guardian to Camper Communication

We ask that parents communicate directly with Club U administration to relay any important information to campers by contacting our offices at 801-581-6984. We have systems in place to notify and inform our staff and any campers in their care of any relevant information that needs to be communicated. If for any reason you need to speak directly with your camper, please contact the office and arrangements will be made from there.

If you camper is exhibiting symptoms of illness, please keep them home until they are no longer symptomatic. Please DO NOT KNOWINGLY DROP OFF A SICK CAMPER TO CLUB U CAMPS- this jeopardized the health of other campers and Club U staff to continue with normal camp functioning.

If a camper throws up during the camp day- Parents/guardians will be notified and instructed to pick up their sick camper immediately. Sick campers will be relocated to the Club U Administration offices to be picked up.

All camper medications and medical conditions MUST be reported prior to attending Club U Camps by completing the Camper's Health Form. If campers need to take medication during the camp day, Medications should be given in their original prescription bottles/packaging to the camp director for dispersal.

Upon check-in please give all medication, clearly and correctly labeled, to a camp coordinator. Medication will be stored under lock and, for prescription medication, given under the directions of a licensed provider or, for OTC medications, per signed instructions from a parent/guardian.

In the case of emergency medication (Epinephrine or Inhaler), the device should remain with the camper at all times, and camp staff will need to be informed of specific medical needs.

Parents will be notified about incident/accidents upon pick up of their camper(s). For serious injuries or illnesses, parents and guardians will be contacted immediately.

Staff Questions

Club U is always on the hunt for driven individuals who are eager to make a difference in the lives of children. Positions typically open for application in late February, and interviews are conducted March through May. Club U has a portal to submit your interest in employment year round so we can contact you if positions open up. Find more information at the Join Our Team page.

Club U Staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, and AED by certified medical professionals.

All Club U staff undergo a thorough protection of minors training through the Youth Protection Office at the U of U.

Club U staff who will be driving motor pool vehicles for camp activities will have undergone driver safety training through the State of Utah, and will have had behind the wheel verifications of driver competence/skills with Club U Director

All staff attend pre-camp orientation that covers Club U policies and procedures along with 20+ hours of online Youth Development training through camp industry professionals at Expert Online Training.

Yes, however there needs to be acknowledgment that when a Club U employee takes on employment outside of their Club U duties, there is in no way any affiliation with Club U camps. A simple disclosure via email to the camp director should suffice
In general no, our counselors are paid a fair wage. However if you feel that the staff member has made a positive difference and you or your camper want to thank them for providing a safe and enriching experience while attending Club U Camps, please feel free to express you gratitude in the form of personal cards or small gift cards or inexpensive small trinkets. Sometimes just knowing that parents and campers are appreciative of all the hard work these staff put in is thanks enough
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