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Subject Catalog Title Semester Location
H EDU 9 EMT Training Fall ANNEX 2090
H EDU 59 EMT: Advanced Fall ANNEX 2095
H EDU 75 EMT Recertification Fall ANNEX 2090
H EDU 272 Emergency Medical Responder Fall ANNEX 2090
H EDU 295 Wilderness Medicine: Introduction to Fall AEB 320
H EDU 303 Medical Terminology Fall LNCO 1110
H EDU 340 Health Concerns of Women Fall TBA
H EDU 350 Driver Education: Introduction to Fall
H EDU 353 Medical Spanish Fall
H EDU 452 High-Angle Rescue Techniques and Theory Fall Multiple
H EDU 453 Adv. High-Angle Rescue Fall Multiple
H EDU 475 Search and Rescue: Fundamentals of Fall ANNEX 2095
H EDU 4310 Health Promotion/Marketing Fall SANDY 202
H EDU 6080 Strategic Planning and Social Marketing in Health Promotion Fall SANDY 202

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