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Become an Agent for the English Language Institute
English Language Institute

Welcome! We are happy to work with agents to bring students to our Intensive English program. We are currently working with agents from all over the world. The current agent commission is $300.

Who can be an ELI agent:

  • You must not be currently employed by the ELI or University of Utah.
  • You must have a business license either inside or outside of the United States.

Commission guidelines

A one-time commission will be paid for successful registrations in the Intensive English Program (regular programs only).

Government-sponsored students.
Special programs such as contract programs with partnership institutions, short term programs, ELI customized programs.

Steps to becoming an ELI agent

  1. Complete the agent application
  2. We will review your application and inform you of our decision.
  3. If approved, the ELI will send you a contract (sample linked).
  4. Review, print, sign under Party A in the contract. Return the contract to ELI or by mail at 1901 E. South Campus Dr. Annex 2202, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.
  5. The ELI director will sign the contract.
  6. ELI will email you a copy of the fully signed contract and the W-8BEN-E form for you to fill out (this is so the University of Utah will not withhold 30% as income tax). If you need further assistance filling out the form, please visit the IRS PDF document.
  7. We will assign you a six digit ELI agent ID.

Once we assign the ELI agent ID, the contract will become valid and you will be eligible to receive commissions.
Please be sure to use this ELI agent ID every time that you contact the ELI office or fill out a student's application under the Assistant Information portion of the application form.

screenshot of application portion

Receiving Commission

Please ensure that Assistant Information is filled out on the student's application.

An invoice is sent to with the following REQUIRED information:

  1. Company name, address, telephone and email
  2. Invoice number
  3. Bank name and telephone number
  4. Name and university ID of student
  5. Start date of student
  6. Amount for commission

See sample invoice here - note areas marked with red * are required.


If you are outside of the USA, commission will be paid via wire transfer. There is no wire transfer fee.
Please provide us with the following: Account name, account number, bank name, Swift Code/BIC

If you are inside of the USA, commission will be paid via physical check which will be mailed to you.

Maintaining the agent agreement

Renewable Agreement term is 2 years. You must:

  • Actively recruit for ELI Intensive English Program, with at least one application for a student during the agreement period.
  • Assist student in preparing for ELI application process as well as provide accurate information about ELI, housing and all necessary student responsibilities.
  • Follow Guidelines found at AIRC's institutional guidelines and best practices page.