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How to Apply to the English Language Institute

Have you already received your acceptance letter and I-20? Here's what to do next »

Qualifications for Admission

  • Students must be at least 18 years old before the first day of classes.
  • Students must have studied English for at least three years in high school or college.

If you answered yes to the questions above, you are ready to apply.

Please choose the option that best matches your situation:

I will study with a student visa (F-1)  

  • Full-time F-1 student
  • Transfer from an American university

I will NOT study with a student visa (F-1)  

  • U.S. Resident or Citizen
  • J1/J2, B1/B2, F2 or other type of visa

When I should apply?

You should apply at least three months in advance of the session you choose to start your English study. Applications completed after the deadline may not give you enough time to obtain your visa depending on the visa wait time in your country. In this case, your I-20 would have to be express mailed to you at your expense. To find out the visa wait time for your country, visit this State Dept. page. If you cannot arrive by the Mandatory Orientation date, then you should plan to change your I-20 Start date.

How can I transfer to ELI?

If you are planning to transfer from another college or university in the U.S. to our program, you also need to submit:

  • Current I-20 form
  • F-1 Visa page
  • I-94 card
  • U.S. address with ZIP code and phone number
  • Permanent address in home country

We will then send you an acceptance letter and a transfer form. Your advisor needs to complete this form and send it back to us.

How to apply?

Below are the fees, documents, and information you need to submit for admission. All applications documents must be submitted together at one time.

  1. Complete the ELI Online Application. It is recommended that international students apply at least 60 days before the deadline to allow processing time.
  2. Pay the non-refundable $75.00 application fee. We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or money order.
       — Pay your ELI application fee online at the time you submit your application.
       — Credit Card Authorization Form (PDF)
       — Money order in U.S. dollars made payable to University of Utah.
  3. A copy of your passport's biographical page.
  4. Proof of financial resources. This can take the form of a bank statement or a bank letter. Bank letters must:
       — Be in English.
       — Be on letterhead and have an official stamp, seal, and/or signature.
       — Be dated within the past six months.
       — Clearly show the account holder's name in English (the name of the account holder must match the name on the financial statement).
       — Show a balance of at least $9,000 in U.S. dollars or include exchange rates.
  5. Fill out the Financial Responsibility Form (PDF)
       — If you plan to support yourself, please fill out Part 1 of the Financial
       — If you have a sponsor, you and your sponsor must fill out Part 1 and Part 2

If you have an embassy scholarship, instead of submitting the bank letter and financial statement, you can submit an "Admission Purpose Only (APO)" letter from your embassy. The APO letter must:

  • Show your full name as it appears on your passport/application form.
  • State "ESL" or "English Language" for the degree level.

Students with scholarships should be aware that the APO letter is not the same as the official financial guarantee. A student who submits an APO letter for admission must also submit an official financial guarantee from their embassy by the start of the session.

If you plan to bring dependents with you to USA (your wife, husband, or children), please submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the passport's biographical page is also required for each dependent.
  • Add additional $2,000 for each dependent to your bank statement balance.

How can I submit my documents?

You can scan and email, fax or mail your supporting documents. IMPORTANT! All applications documents must be submitted together at one time. Please do not send incomplete forms, and do not send an application package that is missing any of the documents listed above. Please don't forget to write your full name and application number on every page.

ELI Fax: 801-585-9449

ELI email:

ELI Address:
English Language Institute University of Utah
1901 E South Campus Drive
Room 2202 ANNEX Building
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9359

When you are accepted you receive:

  • A letter of acceptance
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service Form I-20 (for student visa [F-1] applicants only)
  • Pre-Arrival Information

Admission to the ELI is not the same as admission to the University of Utah. If you wish to obtain admission to the university, you must apply there directly. For more information, contact:

After we receive all of the required documents and fees, it takes about 2-3 weeks to review the application and process an I-20. ELI has two options available for the mailing of your acceptance letter and I-20 which are as follows:

1. Send by Regular Airmail - You will receive an email from ELI telling you that "You have been admitted to ELI. If you want your I-20 sent by regular airmail at no charge, please reply to this e-mail to confirm your overseas address." It takes 2-4 weeks to receive.

2. Send by Express Mail - Please register and pay for the mailing costs at You will receive your acceptance letter and I-20 through DHL or FedEx in 3-5 days. When you first log in, please use your four-digit ELI application number as your student I.D. number. You must use the website provided above – do not go through the DHL or FedEx website directly. The eshipglobal service will notify us once you have registered and paid a shipment.

Please check your e-mail regularly for the status of your application.


Have you received your acceptance letter and I-20? Here's what to do next »

For more information, call 801-581-4600 or submit your questions by using our online form