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Student Health Insurance Information
English Language Institute

In the United States, health care can be very expensive. A doctor visit can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Serious medical care can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Health insurance can help protect you financially if you need medical care during your time in the United States.*

ELI students are required to have active health insurance. Students can select their health insurance provider, or students without health insurance can register with CISI for health insurance. The insurance offered by CISI offers coverage at the University of Utah Student Health Center, the University of Utah Hospital and clinics, Urgent Care, and other healthcare providers at a competitive price.**

Students must provide proof of health insurance at their orientation.

Students are responsible for renewing their health insurance each session.

Enroll with CISI


Students are also required to show proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). For more information, go to the University's immunization requirement page. You will also be screened for Tuberculosis (TB) by the Student Health Center. The cost is $10. TB tests are not given on Thursdays. MMR shots are also available at the Student Health Center for $75. If you have purchased CISI, some of that cost will be covered.

If you have already been immunized, ask your doctor to fill out the following form, and then bring it with you to the orientation.

Download the Immunization Form

*It is important to note that most dental care is not covered by health insurance in the United States. Routine dental care should be done before arriving in the United States.

**The cost of health insurance is not included in ELI tuition. Payment for health insurance can be made directly to CISI

For more information, call 1-801-581-4600 or submit your questions by using our online form.