Chasing the Cherry Blossoms
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Chasing the Cherry Blossoms Go Learn poster

March 20-April 01, 2020
Double Occupancy: $5950 per person
Single Occupancy: $6500 per person
Airfare is not included.

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Chasing the Cherry Blossoms: Overview

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My trip to Japan with GoLearn was educational, exciting, exhilarating, and exhausting (in a good way)! Most of all, Mimi and Kuma were simply extraordinary. One member of our group said it best: "How will we ever be able to take another trip without Mimi and Kuma?" Our experience was enhanced by the month of classes held before our departure as well as being able to become acquainted with each other. Because of the educational aspect of the trip, it attracted really interesting, engaging people who were so congenial and such fun to travel with. — LeAnn M., Japan 2013

Intrigued by Japanese arts and culture? Interested in understanding how buildings and landscapes developed in Japan? Love the beautiful Cherry blossoms? Japanese architecture and gardens scholar and U of U professor Mimi Locher introduces us to the long history and fascinating culture of this island country – first in our home territory and then as we travel from city to town to village, exploring the buildings and gardens of Japan.

Cuban Street

Mimi Locher, professor at the College of Architecture + Planning, is leading a journey to study contemporary and traditional architecture, gardens and landscapes of Japan. In no other country is history, culture and perception on life so much reflected and anchored in its architecture as it is in Japan. This trip will leave you inspired with an in-depth knowledge of Japanese concepts of space, purpose and way of life, culture, and history – all reflected in its gardens and architecture.

Cuban Street

Trip highlights include:

  • Meticulously planned twelve-day tour including 26 meals, stunning hotels, in-country
  • Experience the cherry blossoms all over the country
  • Travel with and learn from your very own experts on Japan, architects Kuma Murakami and Mimi Locher
  • Discovering selected highlights across Japan, including several UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Experiencing modern and traditional Japan through the lens of locals and access like locals
  • Exploring Kotoku-in, Meiji Mura, Kumano Hayatama Taisha, Isui-en Garden, and so many more
  • Enjoying hand-picked hotels whose comfort and beauty make it hard to head back home