Ladakh, India
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June 25-July 17, 2021
Double Occupancy: $4000 per person
Single Occupancy: $4000 per person
Airfare is not included.

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starry sky in indiaLadakh is many things. An ancient mountain kingdom in a far corner of the Himalayas, it has long served as a crossroads and entrepot between the cultures of India, China, and Central Asia. This is a place where traditional Tibetan culture continues to flourish. Where the Chang Pa, the nomadic herders of the high plateaus, sustain a way of existing on the land that goes back thousands of years. Ladakh is a place where sand dunes soar unexpectedly amongst the world’s greatest mountains; where dazzling turquoise lakes are worshipped on isolated, windswept plains; where one may still be invited to meditate with a reclusive monk in a cliffside shrine. This journey will take you through many of the wonders Ladakh has to offer. We will attend a sacred Buddhist harvest festival, tour several of Ladakh’s ancient monasteries and temples, walk along the banks of the headwaters of the Indus River, and ride camels through one of the most remote mountain valleys in all of Asia. This will be a trip to remember.

Tour Highlights Include:

  • Trip leader Jonathan Duncan takes you on a 13-day fully guided, personal exploration of the remote and famous Ladakh region of Northern India
  • All accommodations, in-country transportation, and meals included
  • Entrances, guides, tips – all covered
  • Discovering Old Delhi, the Red Fort, and Parliament upon arrival and adjust totime-change
  • Old Town Leh in Ladakh, Ladakh History Museum, and Old Fort to acclimatize to altitude and lay foundational knowledge
  • In depth visits to Thilski Monestary, Monestary of Hemis, and Alchi Monestary
  • Camera and photography lessons and guidance for those in hunt of the perfect Ladakh portfolio
  • Participating at the Harvest Festival at the Monestary of Hemis
  • Discovering Numbra Valley
  • Civic engagement at Leh’s school and one-on-one meetings with local polticians and leaders discussing sustainable development in the region
  • NGO visits and learning about volunteerism

Photos courtesy of Johnathon Duncan