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Improv Comedy Workshop (LLMT 396) / Lifelong Learning

Ready for some fun and games after work? Improv is spontaneous, creative, and lots of laughs. Improvisational comedy is theatrical humor made up on the spot, using your imagination. Discover how to bring your creative ideas to life, in real time, through brain teasers, games, and other forms of play; learn the rules of improvisation; develop your own unique characters; and most important, emotionally invest in your work. In this improv series you'll get to be the writer, performer, and audience! This is an excellent class for anyone interested in trying improv comedy for the first time, as well as for seasoned performers who want to expand their skills.

Spring 2016 Section 1
Days Date(s) Time Location Price
M 04/04/16  - 04/25/16 6:15 pm  - 7:45 pm ANNEX RM TBA Tuition: $79

Note: Check Annex entrance doors for classroom location.


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