Discovering World Religions in SLC
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Religion is a complex, global phenomenon that is intertwined with almost every other aspect of society. Join us to explore some of the major world religious traditions, and see thier representation in your local community. Further develop understanding of their complexity by considering their images, stories, texts, and rituals. Your studies will include Dharmic, Abrahamic, and contemporary world religions. Two of our sessions will be hosted by local religious communities, giving us a chance to engage with religious practitioners in their sacred spaces.

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Class Sections For Discovering World Religions in SLC (LLPOT 970)

Summer 2023 Section 1, Starting on: 05/24/2023

Taught by Jeremy Innis. This class takes place in person at the University Connected Learning and Continuing Education building (540 Arapeen Drive, SLC). Two class sessions will take place in local religious communities, location announced in class. Students are invited but not required to participate in weekly class readings from the books "The World's Religions" by Huston Smith (2010) and "God is Not One" by Stephen Prothero (1958).

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/24/23 - 06/28/23 W 6:30 pm -8:30 pm UUCE 148
Tuition: $119.00 + Special Fee: $10.00 = $129.00      

Instructor: Staff

Registration for this class will close on 05/23/2023 at midnight


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Questions? Call Lifelong Learning at 801-587-5433 or use our online form.

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