Horsemanship: An Introduction
Lifelong Learning

Horses are amazing animals with a deep sense of intuition and an exacting judgment on trust and partnership. They are connected to the land and their surroundings innately, but because they are such powerful creatures we forget about their sensitivity. Join us for this clinic in which you will not only learn how to read a horse's body language, but also develop a deeper awareness of your own. You'll learn about horse behavior, how horses communicate with one another, and how to help them see you as a leader. The focus of this clinic is on groundwork and connection, so we won't be riding. This course is perfect for those who may have felt nervous around horses and for those who have always wanted to form a deep connection with a horse. Beginners and experienced riders are welcome.

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Class Sections For Horsemanship: An Introduction (LLREC 923)

Fall 2021 Section 1, Starting on: 10/16/2021

This class takes place in person at Hunstville Spring Creek Ranch and begins at 9am. Please allow time for travel. Students must purchase their own copy of "How to Think Like a Horse" by Cherry Hill and read the first chapter before class. Special fee is for use of the venue and horses (please do not bring your own horse). Class is limited to 8.

Date(s) Day Time Location
10/16/21 S 9:00 am -12:00 pm SLC UT
Tuition: $89.00 + Special Fee: $70.00 = $159.00      


Registration for this class will close on 10/15/2021 at midnight


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Questions? Call Lifelong Learning at 801-587-5433 or use our online form.

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