Instructor: BECKA ROOLF



Becka Roolf is the organizer of the SLC Bicycle Touring, Bikepacking, and Fat Biking Meet-up. A year-round bike commuter for over 20 years, she put her love of bicycling together with her love of backpacking and wild camping to take up bikepacking about 4 years ago. Having gone through several rounds of gear upgrades, "weight reduction" initiatives, and trip planning tuning, she is ready to share her knowledge and experience.
Professionally, Becka is the Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator for the Salt Lake City Transportation Division.

BECKA ROOLF is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Bikepacking - Adventure Camping by Mountain Bike Spring 3/19/19 - 4/16/19 Lifelong Learning