Product Photography - An Introduction
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Course Description

A picture is worth a thousand words and the product images you use should be unique, high quality images that best represent you and your product(s). Ideal for students looking to hone their studio lighting skills through the lens of product photography (pun intended!).

We will explore practical tools for staging/styling subjects, building an efficient home studio, and emphasize budget-conscious solutions to lighting problems.
Saturday class meeting will be a field trip to see the workings of a large production studio.

We recommend that students have some prior photography experience and cameras with settings that can be manually controlled (this is not an ideal class for smart phone users). Prerequisite: Nuts and Bolts (LLART 193), Digital Photography I (LLART 115), or take our quiz or call 801-587-5433, or take our quiz or call 801-587-5433.

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