A Guide to High School Math for Adults
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Course Description

We live in a world where math anxiety is widespread, yet students need to have a solid foundation in math to make it to graduation. The adults in these students' lives often feel that they do not have the tools to support their students, but the time has come to tackle any fear you might have so you can feel more confident in your math skills and support the young people in your life on their math journeys! This course, taught by a public-school math teacher with over ten years of experience, covers the broad strokes of the mathematics students navigate in grades 9-11. By addressing the overarching themes in the high school curriculum, you'll not only help the students in your life complete their math homework, but also seamlessly connect the mathematical themes and concepts from different grade levels. Your instructor will provide information and counsel on how to help your student prepare their math requirements for graduation and which courses might best serve your student as they progress through their learning pathway. Please note that grade 12 content is excluded from this course by design, but your instructor will provide insight and recommendations about your student's specific situation in the last session.

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