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Go from Okay to O’Keeffe

The Watercolor Painter series is for the amateur artist who wants to achieve a deep artistic understanding and strong individual style. You will learn from experts to gain a wide range of artistic vision and establish your expertise and passion for this versatile medium. Learning through practice, you will develop technical skill while enhancing your ability to think creatively, which will translate into your own unique watercolor voice.

  • Beginning classes teach you watercolor technique, tool care and maintenance, vocabulary around paint and art in general, and basic skills through hands-on learning.
  • Intermediate classes dig deeper to build more skills and techniques while developing a personal style through critical thinking.
  • Advanced classes prepare you to explore watercolor independently as you continue to grow after completing the program.

Curiosity Becomes Passion

Lifelong Learning believes in you and is here to support you in the next step of your self-actualization.

Our SERIES program is designed to develop your curiosity into your passion and help you in your journey to realize your greatest potential. Psychologist Abraham Maslow called this self-actualization and he placed it at the top of his hierarchy of needs. All of us are working towards it—pursuing peak experiences, self-acceptance, and learning to love the journey as much as the destination.

The SERIES is meant to provide in-depth instruction and community connections to the adult student wanting to build knowledge and develop skills as they turn a curiosity into a passion. We provide the instruction, expertise, and structure. You bring the curiosity, drive, and commitment.

How Does It Work?

Each SERIES has three tiers: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Complete three classes in a tier to move to the next level. Once you complete three classes in the advanced tier, then you have officially completed the SERIES.

Start the SERIES with any class in the beginning tier. Your progression is self-paced and self-monitored. You decide when they are ready to move levels, but you need to complete three classes before advancing. Need some guidance? Give us a call at 801-587-5433 or email and we will gladly help you decide on your next step.

With the completion of a tier, students can apply for a digital badge of achievement in recognition of their commitment to creative-thinking, personal development, and self-actualization. A digital badge connects to your social media profiles so you can show your family, friends, and colleagues that you are committed to being curious, to becoming more, and to developing yourself.

Not sure you want to fully commit? That’s okay. You can take any class in a SERIES at any time even if you aren't trying to complete the series.

What Do You Learn In Each Tier?

  • Beginning
    • Classes for the student that has a curiosity for a topic, is eager to try it, and thinks they will want to develop that curiosity but isn’t quite sure yet
    • This level builds basic skills and uses basic, lower-cost materials
  • Intermediate
    • Classes for the student who is moving from curious to dedicated and passionate
    • They are ready to devote more time and money to developing their skills
    • This level builds more technical skill and critical thinking knowledge and can potentially use more costly materials
  • Advanced
    • Classes for the student who is passionate and blossoming in their newly-built skillset and knowledgebase
    • They are preparing to leave the structure that LL provides and do more independent exploration and put their skills to use
    • This level continues to build technical skill and critical thinking knowledge and potentially needs no new materials as students have already acquired what they need to accomplish the work
  Course Student Supplies
Beginner Teaches basic concepts, skills, and vocabulary. Builds student confidence in subject matter. Curious about or interested in subject matter but has little to no experience. Small investment for student. Materials list is mostly the same for all beginner classes. *Student may invest in low-quality supplies or high-quality supplies*
Intermediate Teaches technical skills and critical thinking. May explore special interests within a subject. Possesses basic skills. Ready to devote more time and money to advance. Curiosity has grown into a passion. Can require a larger investment from student. Student will invest in high-quality supplies.
Advanced Prepares student to work with less structure. Encourages independent exploration. Deep dive into special interests. Passionate about subject matter, confident in skills, striving for mastery. Most already acquired, some special materials may be required.

*New classes are added every term. Check back here to see what's new!

Level 1 - Beginning

Class Title Start Date(s)
Beginning Drawing for Watercolor (LLART 337) 1/21
Beginning Watercolor Painting (LLART 71) 1/18
Blooming Watercolors (LLART 352) Notify me!
Color Theory and Color Mixing 101 (LLART 133) 2/11
Easy Start Watercolor 1-2-3 (LLART 205) Notify me!
Moab Colors in Watercolor (LLART 350) Notify me!
Quick Sketch Watercolors (LLART 304) 2/04
Simple Watercolor Roses for Valentine's Day (LLART 206) 2/02
Simplified Watercolor Portrait (LLART 343) Notify me!

Level 2 - Intermediate

Class Title Start Date(s)
Light and Shade in Watercolor (LLART 338) Notify me!
Park City Barn with Watercolor (LLART 349) Notify me!
Utah Watercolor Landscape Under the Milky Way (LLART 332) 3/22
Watercolor Plants and Flowers (LLART 315) Notify me!
Watercolor Poinsettia (LLART 125) Notify me!

Level 3 - Advanced

Class Title Start Date(s)
Drawing and Watercolor: Living Raptors (LLART 109) Notify me!
Watercolor: Finding Your Vision (LLART 359) 3/04
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