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The Watercolor Painter series is for the amateur artist who wants to achieve a deep artistic understanding and strong individual style. Through our expert instructors, you will gain a wide range of artistic vision and establish your expertise and passion for this versatile medium. In this Series you will develop technical skill while enhancing your ability to think creatively, which will translate into your own unique watercolor voice. These classes will teach you watercolor technique, tool care and maintenance, and vocabulary around paint and art. This series will enable you to explore watercolor independently as you continue to grow.

What are Series?
A collection of curated classes that speak to a certain subject. If you are interested in this subject matter, then this series is the place to be. This program is designed as a guide for choosing classes so that you can have a breadth and depth of the subject knowledge. Take enough classes and earn a digital badge to show off your status as a Lifelong Learner!

What is a badge?
A Badge is a digital award that is proof of your pursuit of knowledge. Some folks pursue these badges for a personal sense of accomplishment and a guiding way to select courses relevant to their interests. Others like to share their accolades on LinkedIn as a way to round out their resume. So, don't let the girl scouts have all the fun, start earning badges as an adult!

What is the Criteria for earning a Badge?
Take any nine classes listed in the series and submit a badge request.

What order should I take the classes?
In any order you'd like! The Series was made to help you explore a certain subject and take it any way you want.

What if I don't complete this in a semester?
No worries! You can take classes over multiple semesters to obtain your badge.

There aren't enough classes listed in this series to earn a badge
The classes listed below are what is currently being offered. Some classes aren't offered every semester (our instructors need vacation time too!). You're welcome to retake a class, or wait until next semester opens for enrollment.

*New classes are added every term. Check back here to see what's new!


Class Title Start Date(s)
Beginning Drawing for Watercolor (LLART 337) 2/03
Gesture Drawing at the Zoo (LLART 392) Notify me!
Playful Explorations in Watercolor: Landscape (LLART 413) 4/06
Quick Sketch Watercolors (LLART 304) 2/03
Snowy Park City Main Street in Watercolor (LLART 402) 12/12
Watercolor Plants and Flowers (LLART 315) Notify me!
Watercolor Zion (LLART 401) Notify me!
Watercolor: Birds at Tracy Aviary (LLART 393) Notify me!
Watercolor: See and Paint Tonal Values (LLART 412) 2/24
Watercolors: Fresh From France (LLART 391) Notify me!
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