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Questions about the Certificate of Western Horticulture? Find answers below, or contact us for more information.

What is the certificate?
The Certificate shows completion of a group of horticulture classes. The classes are designed to provide a broad overview of residential landscape gardening practices so home gardeners can be more successful. You have 3 years to complete classes.

Why was certificate developed?
There is nothing comparable being offered for serious gardeners. Other programs are 2 and 4 year degrees through USU, and USU's Master Gardener program is a 40-hour training program with a 40-hour volunteer component.

Who is the certificate designed for?
Serious home gardeners, new to gardening, new to SLC valley, people entering horticulture industry with no prior horticulture education, where the focus is on residential landscaping.

What are required classes?

  • Botany for Gardeners (6 hrs)
  • Residential Landscape Design (18 hrs)
  • Irrigation Basics (4 hrs)
  • Garden Maintenance (6 hrs)
  • Pruning 101 (6 hrs)
  • Soils: Dig Deeper into Gardening (4 hrs)
  • 101 Plants to Know or Perennials and Landscape Trees and Shrubs (14 hrs)

What electives are offered?

Two electives are required and the list continues to grow. Current offerings include:

  • Fabulous Fruit Trees
  • Veg Gardening Basics
  • Rose Pruning
  • Wisteria and Vine Pruning
  • Grow Your Own Herbs
  • Gardening in Containers
  • Rose Gardening

How much does it cost to take all the classes in the certificate program?
Cost to take all classes is approximately $750, including the $25 certificate registration cost.

Where are classes held?
Most classes are held at Red Butte Garden.

How often are classes offered?
Classes are offered 1—2 times a year, and most are seasonal since there are hands-on components to most classes.

Can I get credit for a class I took, that is part of the certificate, before signing up for certificate?
Yes. If it's been less than a year and you contact Lifelong Learning, we will research your class records and give you credit if applicable.

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