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Meets with PHCEU 7230. Successful research and development in nanomedicine require the interaction of a multitude of disciplines including chemistry, materials science and engineering, cellular biology, pharmaceutical sciences and clinical translational research. This interdisciplinary course will span the spectrum of how such materials are fabricated, characterized, interact with the biological environment, used in specific biomedical applications and translated from concept to the clinic and commercialization. Topics to be taught by experts in the respective areas will include fundamentals of nanomedicine , bottom up and top down approaches to nanofabrication, conjugation strategies, physicochemical characterization, cellular uptake and toxicity, biodistribution, clinical and preclinical nanomedicine as well as special topics in nanobiosensors, nanofluidics, polymer therapeutics and commercialization of nanomedicine products.

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

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Class Sections For Nanomedicine (BIOEN 645)

Fall 2017 Section 1, Starting on: 08/21/2017

Date(s) Day Time Location
08/21/17 - 12/07/17 TTh 2:00 pm -3:20 pm WARNOCK ENGINEERING BUILDING L114
Tuition: $399.00


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