Business Thought: Foundations of
Academic Noncredit

A liberal-education distribution course focusing on the nature of business and its historical, philosophical, and current role in today's world. Key issues include what a business is and how profit sustains that existence. Personal and organizational values and ethics are discussed in an environment of competing and complementary rights and monetary goals. Course addresses specific activities of a business (i.e., accounting, finance, marketing, production, and human resource management). Readings of a classical nature are presented to underscore the timeless nature of business and the relevancy of great works to today's business environment. Approach is pragmatic, with an emphasis on self discovery complimenting occasional lectures. Course is designed for students considering an undergraduate degree in business, for those pursuing the business minor, and for those who wish to use the course to satisfy a liberal-education distribution requirement.

This noncredit class meets with a regular University of Utah credit course.

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Class Sections For Business Thought: Foundations of (BUS 105)

Summer 2022 Section 1, Starting on: 05/16/2022

This is an Interactive Video Conference class. Attendance is required as if the class were held in person.

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/16/22 - 08/03/22 MW 7:30 am -8:50 am CANVAS
Tuition: $465.00      



Questions? Call Academic Programs at 801-585-9963 or use our online form.