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Cyber Pedagogy (CTLE 651) / Academic Noncredit

Converting a successful in-person classroom course into an online environment involves much more than uploading course material to the institution?s educational technology platform. Online teaching requires a different way of thinking about educational objectives; relationships with and between students; content organization and presentation; and, the interface between teacher, student and technology. This course introduces instructional technology paradigms by exploring principles of online learning; offering examples of instructional technology best practices; and, providing participants the opportunity to experiment with designing their own online strategies, techniques and approaches.

Spring 2016 Section 90
Days Date(s) Time Location Price
TBA 01/11/16  - 04/26/16 TBA ONLINE Tuition: $399

Note: This is an online course, which does not meet in-class. For additional information, please visit http://uonline.utah.edu or call 585-5959.


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