Eliminating Extreme Poverty: What Works and What Doesn't
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This course introduces students to the discipline of rural development. We will examine theories, strategies, and approaches to eliminating extreme poverty. We will discuss why so many have failed and why so few are successful, and present what must be done to create successful programs. It will be a course in discovery, allowing class members to connect with the diverse people of Nepal by experiencing the majesty of the Himalaya mountains and the amazing local culture and way of life. We will learn how a group of Americans working with Nepali facilitators were able to help develop a sense of hope that life can be better. This will be a "hybrid" course, where class members can complete six modules (each containing 3-5 lessons) at times of their own scheduling, via the online learning platform, Canvas. The instructor will meet with the class via three Zoom meetings, allowing class members to ask specific questions and learn more about how extreme poverty can be eliminated through strategies employed by individuals, local communities and governments.

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Class Sections For Eliminating Extreme Poverty: What Works and What Doesn't (OSHER 12)

Summer 2021 Section 1, Starting on: 05/27/2021

Instructor: James B. Mayfield, Emeritus Professor, University of Utah. Class will meet on Zoom for three sessions with three sessions conducted independently via Canvas. Class members will received training on how to access Canvas.

Date(s) Day Time Location
05/27/21 - 07/01/21 Th 3:30 pm -5:00 pm CANVAS
Tuition: $99.00      


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