Visual Representations of the Holocaust
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In a rapidly modernizing world, where antisemitism is on the rise, and the generation of Holocaust survivors passing away, it is more important than ever to record and remember the Holocaust. This course will focus on teaching about visual representations of the Holocaust, their meanings, and their importance. Due to the widely varied nature of Holocaust representation and memorialization, the course will teach and interpret across genres and mediums. Class members will learn to utilize a wide variety of materials, including art, photography, film, poetry, literature, museums, and memorials.

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Class Sections For Visual Representations of the Holocaust (OSHER 779)

Spring 2023 Section 1, Starting on: 03/27/2023

Instructor: Benedicte Dansie. Class meets in person. Recommended reading: Weisel, E. (2006). Night. ISBN-10:9780374500016; Morris, H. (2018). The Tattooist of Auschwitz. ISBN-13:978-0062797155; Frank, A. (1996). The Diary of A Young Girl. ISBN-13:978-0385480338; Ozick, C. (1990). The Shawl. ISBN-13:978-0679729266; Magilow, D. H., & Silverman, L. (2019). Holocaust Representations in History: An introduction. ISBN-13:978-1350091818; Delbo, C. (2014). Auschwitz and After. ISBN-13:978-0300190779; Spiegelman, A. (1996). The Complete Maus: A survivor's tale. ISBN-13:978-0679406419

Date(s) Day Time Location
03/27/23 - 05/01/23 M 11:30 am -1:00 pm UUCE 232
Tuition: $99.00      

Instructor: Staff

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