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This course is designed to help students do their best on the Law School Admission Test. Each section of the LSAT (essay writing, reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning) is covered in depth. A diagnostic exam is given during the first class session to assess strengths and weaknesses. Extensive practice is then provided along with test taking strategies so that students can improve performance, increase test sophistication, and reduce test anxiety.

Class Note:Registering for the actual test is independent of registering for this course. Materials fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you've paid for a preparatory course with us, you can come back anytime within the next 3 years and retake the same course free of charge (extra material costs not included) depending upon available space.

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Class Sections For LSAT Prep Course (PREP 100)

Fall 2020 Section 5, Starting on: 09/28/2020

This course consists of 30 hours of live instruction by one of our University of Utah Instructors, and will be offered online in an interactive learning portal. Our standard LSAT Test Prep Course is perfect for students looking to drill down on each of the following LSAT exam topics; Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, as well as the Writing Sample. Through the use of the Zoom application, students are allowed to interact amongst their peers, while allowing them to address any and all concerns with the instructor facilitating the course. All class lectures are recorded and uploaded to Canvas, an online learning bank, giving students the leisure to access class recordings at their own convenience. Enhance your aptitude and earn the skills necessary to perform well on the day of the exam. As a disclaimer, students will need to purchase the following materials before the first day of class; 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTest Volume VI: (PrepTests 72 - 81), The Official LSAT PrepTest 88 & 89, and the Official LSAT SUPERPREP II - The Champion of LSAT Preparation 2015th Edition. For more information contact us at

Date(s) Day Time Location
09/28/20 - 11/02/20 MW 6:00 pm -9:15 pm CANVAS
Tuition: $765.00 + Special Fee: $5.00 = $770.00      

Instructor: ROBERT REES

Fall 2020 Section 7, Starting on: 11/09/2020

This course will cover all required sections of the LSAT exam, while providing students with a unique and robust online learning atmosphere. University of Utah test preparation instructors will conduct roughly 16 hours of live online lessons while leveraging a wealth of additional instructional content provided by our partners at Magoosh, one of the nation's leading online Test Prep companies. Designed to help students who are looking to enhance their test taking skills and want to excel on their LSAT exam, the course offers various features that help us stand out from the rest of our competitors. Magoosh guarantees an increase of 5 points on your LSAT exam and provides over 7000 LSAT practice questions with full video explanation for 8 practice test that teach students how to reach the correct answers. Furthermore, our expert instructors will be there to answer individual student questions and help you do your very best on this important exam. Best of all, class sessions are recorded and uploaded to a web learning bank, giving students access to previous lectures. This class will meet until January 11, extending beyond the regular Fall 2020 schedule, targeting the January 16, 2021 LSAT exam date (No class 12/21 & 12/28). Take the next step and set your best foot forward on the road to Law School.

Date(s) Day Time Location
11/09/20 - 12/17/20 M 6:00 pm -8:00 pm CANVAS
Tuition: $355.00 + Special Fee: $220.00 = $575.00      

Instructor: JULIE NELSON

Questions? Call Test Preparation at 801-581-5361 or use our online form.