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Professional Education, in collaboration with our community partners, is excited to announce the Academy of Hope. Professional Education focuses on real world application and hands-on training. In addition to providing courses to the public, Academy of Hope offers a selection of courses to those that might not have the means or access to secondary education. This program offers no-cost certificates for select individuals in under-served and at-risk populations – specifically refugees, immigrants, and disadvantaged women and men. Our participants can choose one certificate to enroll in, giving them tangible tools they can use to aid in their success, professionally and personally, which will in turn better Utah's community overall.

Accepting 20 applicants only! Application Deadline: November 22, 2019 at 5pm

Apply to the Academy of Hope

  • Total Rewards
  • Conflict Resolution in the workplace
  • Employment Law
  • Policies & Procedures for Human Resources
  • Employee Recruitment & Selection
  • Organizational Training & development
  • Labor & Employee Relations
  • Managing Generational Diversity
  • Conflict Resolution in the workplace
  • Building Teams of Trust, Collaboration, & Results
  • Leading from a position of limited power
  • Communicating with Teams & People
  • MS Project
  • Managing Generational Diversity
  • Identify & Develop Your Management Style
  • Fundamentals of Project Management 1
  • Fundamentals of Project Management 2
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Leadership, Teambuilding, & Communication
  • Written Communication for Professionals
  • Conflict Resolution in the workplace
  • Employment Law
  • Communicating with Teams & People
  • Feedback, Expectations, Delegations for Effective Managers
  • Managing Generational Diversity
  • Accounting and Budgeting Fundamentals
  • Outlook for Workplace Productivity
  • Written Communication for Professionals
  • Excel Beginner
  • Excel Intermediate
  • Excel Advanced
  • Photoshop Fundamentals Level 1
  • Photoshop Fundamentals Level 2
  • Illustrator Level 1
  • Illustrator Level 2
  • CSS/HTML Coding Level 1
  • CSS/HTML Coding Level 2
  • InDesign Level 1
  • InDesign Level 2
  • JavaScript Level 1
  • JavaScript Level 2
  • Grant Writing
  • Google Analytics Level 1
  • Google Analytics Level 2
  • Coaching for Success

How It Works

Our community partners work with amazing individuals every day. Through these relationships, our partners refer applicants to our online application. The Academy of Hope Advisory Committee then chooses participants.

Applicants referred to the program have shown drive and the desire to better themselves. They have demonstrated motivation to professional development and have basic skills to participate in the certificate, but can't afford the program without additional assistance. We will get an understanding of this information through reference of partner organizations, application materials, and in-person interviews.

Community partners include:

  • University Neighborhood Partners
  • People Helping People
  • Women of the World
  • University of Utah
  • YWCA
  • Department of Workforce Services
  • Community Learning Center
  • Holding Out Help

Applicant Requirements

Refugees, Immigrants, disadvantaged women & men

  • Utah resident
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Currently living below federal poverty level - applicants living above this level should still apply, tell us about their background and career goals, and we will review their application for the program.
  • College level English

Next Steps

Throughout their time in the Academy of Hope, students will be counseled by the community partner they are involved with, and a Professional Education advisor. Once they have completed the courses, they will have the opportunity to receive job counseling, and/or apply for internships and careers with our industry partners.

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