Introduction to Machine Learning
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This course, offered in collaboration with the University of Utah School of Computing, covers techniques for developing computer programs that can acquire new knowledge automatically or adapt their behavior over time. Topics include algorithms for supervised learning, decision trees, online learning, linear classifiers, empirical risk minimization, computational learning theory, ensemble methods, Bayesian methods, clustering. Class learning objectives: 1. Gain a broad theoretical and practical understanding of machine learning paradigms and algorithms, 2. Develop the ability to implement learning algorithms, 3. Identify where machine learning can be applied and make the most appropriate decisions (about algorithms, models, supervision, etc). Class requirements include 4 to 5 programming assignments, 4 to 5 online homework assignments and a project that will last the duration of the class.

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Class Sections For Introduction to Machine Learning (PROEA 821)

Spring 2018 Section 5, Starting on: 02/20/2018

CLASS RUNS through May 29th. This class is held at the Adobe HQ 3900 Adobe Way, Lehi UT. The course targets students who are comfortable with implementing algorithms and have encountered calculus, linear algebra and statistics at some point. We will try to make the course as self-contained as possible, but familiarity with the following background materials will be helpful. Programming: any programming language is fine, Basic linear algebra: vectors, matrices, matrix multiplications, Basis calculus: functions, derivatives of functions, Basis probability and statistics: conditional probability, Bayes theorem. Email for syllabus.

Date(s) Day Time Location
02/20/18 - 05/04/18 T 4:00 pm -6:30 pm SLC UT
Tuition: $950.00      

Instructor: XINGYUAN PAN

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