Degree-Plus Certificate Series
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Degree Plus program

Designed for those just beginning their professional careers, the Degree Plus Certificate Series opens up opportunities to today's most in-demand career fields.

Choose from numerous certificates in a variety of career areas. These programs maximize the value of your undergraduate degree, broaden your skill set and increase your competiveness on the job market. Certificates can be completed in just one to two months, feature classroom-based instruction, and include personalized career coaching. Completed certificates are posted on University of Utah official transcripts.

Available certificates:

  • Degree Plus Essentials of Project Management Certificate (PROEA 850)
  • Degree Plus Instructional Design Fundamentals Certificate (PROEA 855)
  • Degree Plus Data Analysis for the Modern Workforce (PROEA 860)
  • Degree Plus Front End Web Design Certificate (PROEA 887)
  • Degree Plus Content Marketing and Management Certificate (PROEA 870)
  • Degree Plus Health Services Certificate - Coaching (PROEA 886)
  • Degree Plus Digital Marketing Management Certificate (PROEA 885)

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