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Master of Educational Psychology with Specialization in School Counseling: Typical Program of Study


Students complete between 46 and 48 hours of course work and practical training. Below is typical course sequencing for students wishing to complete their degrees in two- or three-year programs.

Students in this program are required to begin their courses in the summer semester of the year they are admitted. Late afternoon/evening courses are delivered in May but students must attend intensive 7-day all-day classes in June of that same year. A similar schedule is in effect during the student's second summer in the program. Adjustments to this schedule are not possible. Applicants should consider these factors and their existing work/school schedule before submitting their application to this program.

Sample Two-Year Program


EDPS 6210 - Counseling Skills
EDPS 6330 - Career Development Counseling
EDPS 6821 - Professional Issues in School Counseling
EDPS 6120 - Comprehensive Guidance

EDPS 6200 - Counseling Theories
EDPS 6010 - Intro to Statistics
EDPS 6340 - Substance Abuse Counseling

EDPS 6709 - Practicum in School Counseling
EDPS 6300 - Measurement and Assessment
EDPS 6390 - Interventions in the School


EDPS 6350 - Group Counseling
EDPS 6360 - Multicultural Counseling

EDPS 6450 - Child Psychopathology
EDPS 6050 - Lifespan Development
EDPS 6900 - Internship in School Counseling

EDPS 6470 - Consultation in the Schools
EDPS 6900 - Internship in School Counseling

Total 48 hours (46 for in-service teachers with three years experience - hours are deducted from EDPS 6900)

Note: Deviations from this program of study are very strongly discouraged and will result in delayed graduation. If you are unable to attend the courses in the prescribed sequence, you must discuss your proposed program of study with the training director prior to implementing any changes.

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