Cooperative Board Games (Age 9-14)
Youth Education

Get a closer look at one of the strongest trends in board gaming - cooperative games, in which a group of players are collectively pitted against the game itself. Players work together as a team to achieve victory, while winning or losing as a group. Cooperative games emphasize teamwork over competition, for a change. Students will get the opportunity to play a variety of cooperative games during the week, each one with a unique take on how to bring people together to defeat that nasty ol' game engine the game designer created to thwart your efforts. This course will give students a chance to work together harmoniously (or in some cases not so much) in effort to defeat the bad guys, survive the catastrophe, or deliver the sacred item safely, just to name a few thematic directions these games might take you. It's all for one and one for all in this course. Co-sponsored with Game Night Games.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to play several different cooperative games with different game mechanisms.
  • Learn how to effectively collaborate to make the total team better than the sum of its parts.
  • Learn some ways to make cooperative games even more fun by avoiding the things that make them unfun for some.

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Class Sections For Cooperative Board Games (Age 9-14) (YEEMT 130)

Summer 2023 Section 1, Starting on: 07/17/2023

Special fee includes choice of one of the games taught, daily snacks/drinks, and an end of the week pizza party. Camp held at Game Night Games, 2148 S 900 E # 2, SLC UT 84106. Reminder emails will be sent out before camp begins and will include location notes and other details.

Date(s) Day Time Location
07/17/23 - 07/21/23 MTWThF 9:00 am -12:00 pm SLC UT
Tuition: $140.00 + Special Fee: $55.00 = $195.00      

Instructor: Staff


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Questions? Call Youth Education at 801-581-6984 or use our online form.