YAE: Marine Biology and Ecology (Age 11-13)
Youth Education

Discover the fascinating worlds of salt, brackish, and freshwater ecosystems and how various organisms adapt to their own unique environment. Whether they live in the desert or on the shore, examine the intricate relationships between plants, fish, mammals, humans, and nonliving components of each ecosystem. You will use games to better understand how overfishing affects our oceans, build a bio-active terrarium, and learn how data from one animal can tell us about the health of an entire ecosystem! Plus, you will take a trip to an aquarium, visit the Natural History Museum of Utah, and explore a local stream!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Dissect real sharks and other deep sea critters to learn how their bodies help them survive in their various habitats.
  • Explore a local stream searching for and collecting various invertebrates and crustaceans to bring back to the classroom for study.
  • Create small bio active terrariums simulating a fully functional self sustaining ecosystem.
  • Learn how the smallest of things can have big impacts on our ecosystems.

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Class Sections For YAE: Marine Biology and Ecology (Age 11-13) (YEYAE 161)

Summer 2023 Section 1, Starting on: 07/17/2023

There will be 2 days where pick-up/drop-off will be at different locations within a couple of miles of campus. Lunch provided daily. Reminder emails will be sent out before camp begins and will include location notes and other details.

Date(s) Day Time Location
07/17/23 - 07/21/23 MTWThF 9:00 am -3:00 pm UUCE 152
Tuition: $280.00 + Special Fee: $165.00 = $445.00      


This section is currently full.

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Questions? Call Youth Education at 801-581-6984 or use our online form.