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The class was so informative. My son loved the instructor and all of his classmates. They had a great break for lunches with good healthy food. He was able to take specimens in jars and live crabs home. He said it was the best camp he's ever attended." -YAE: Comparative Anatomy (Age 12-14)

I absolutely loved the class and the freedoms it gave me, I was never pressured to do something and the instructors always did everything they could to help you. We got to explore the museum and have a bunch of fun. Although we had a lot of freedom to do our artwork they introduced something new every day. All in all this class is definitely worth it! - YAE: Artists-In-Training

Youth Academy of Excellence camps are designed for bright and motivated students; those in gifted and talented programs are especially encouraged to enroll. Camps are small and curriculum is fast paced. Participate with your peers in small group discussions, multimedia presentations, experiments, and field trips. Join us for a summer experience that will give you a preview of college life and a chance to engage with your peers.

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