Photographing in Montana London Learn to cook in Italy Greek temples in Sicily riding the Camino de Santiago
Centennial Valley 2012 - Taking photos of wildlife
Discover London, old and new
Italy 2013 - Making pasta at the Palazzo Dragoni



Go LearnIt's time to take your education a little further with Continuing Education's GO LEARN program. Our mission is to combine education with a vacation to facilitate deper connections between travelers and the communities they visit through unique and authentic experience.

Our edu-vacations allow you to explore the world with hand-selected U of U faculty who are experts at bringing local and international destinations to life. As you travel with GO LEARN, you'll be immersed into an exciting new culture with like-minded travelers who share your passion for exploration.

Join us on a 2014 Trip

Mythology in SicilyMay 12-23, 2014

Join us for a mythical odyssey around the Mediterranean's most intriguing island. Start your journey here!

montanaSeptember 17- 21, 2014

Award winning writer and photographer Stephen Trimble will take you and your writing and photography on a journey to Centennial Valley, Montana. Learn more here.

London Go LearnOctober 7-16, 2014

Travel with us as we visit one of the world's most famous theatre districts, along with a trip up to Stratford-on-Avon. We'll also visit the great sights of London! Discover more!

spainJune 20- July 1, 2014

Take a journey on the historic pilgrimage route in northern Spain—on bicycles! Bike the Camino de Santiago. Find out more!

S. UtahOctober 1-5, 2014

Join us on a four-day painting excursion to Zion National Park in a first-class Plein-Air painting retreat! Find out more here!

Torino posterOctober 9-18, 2014

Experience Italy through cheese, wine, chocolate, castles, truffle hunting, cooking and wonderful fragrances of fall harvests in the location where Italy began. Join us!

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