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TIFFANY HALL / Continuing Education Instructor

Tiffany Hamilton Hall, M.A., M.Ed. Ms. Hall has been involved in grant writing for more than fifteen years. She worked for the largest high school district in California two years as a full-time grant writer and developed programs totaling more than $2 million for curriculum development, pregnancy prevention, and incarcerated adult education. She then worked for the California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) during the development and implementation of the Digital High School grant program. She assisted 66 high schools as they created programs and wrote grant applications that resulted in more than $20 million in technology funding. Ms. Hall also worked with the State Department of Education to develop the funding requirements and standardize the award process for the program.Since 2004, Tiffany has worked for the Jordan School District, the largest public K-12 school district in Utah. Her grant writing efforts for the District have resulted in more than $3.4 million dollars in funding for curriculum development and projects. She also works with the BYU-Public School Partnership to help coordinate grant efforts for the university and five public school districts, including Jordan.Ms. Hall is currently the president of the Utah Grantwriters Network, a non-profit organization that provides monthly opportunities for grantwriters from any organization to network and participate in professional development. She has taught grantwriting classes in California and Utah and participated in several national grants conferences.

This instructor is currently teaching the following classes.

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Grant Writing Summer 8/12/14 Professional Education
Grant Writing II Spring 4/29/14 Professional Education