Continuing Education Classes For Adults

Lifelong photography class

Lifelong Learning

Life-enriching classes for adults in photography, cooking, gardening, recreation, finance, and so much more. Lifelong Learning classes are designed with your busy schedule in mind. We offer one-evening get-aways, Friday evening date nights, and Sunday field trips. New classes start weekly.

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weightlifting class

Academic Noncredit

All the learning, none of the stress. Take regular U of U classes without grades or tests, at a steep discount over regular tuition. Our classes are a great way to experience an academically intense class in a less expensive, stress-free way (no grades or tests).

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Osher visits the Airstream restorers

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Fascinating classes, vibrant people, and unforgettable experiences exclusively for people over 50. The Osher Institute offers a rich and evolving array of courses, lectures, and special activities to enhance the lives of its members. Our instructors are distinguished emeritus faculty, scholars, and experts from the community.

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Go Learn in Spain

Go Learn

Experience the world as your classroom in this unique program joining passionate travelers with expert instructors for unforgettable experiences across the globe. Our tours will give you a travel experience that goes beyond a cruise ship or a tedious do-it-yourself guidebook.

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