Continuing Education Online Classes

Academic Noncredit

Learn while you sit in on a regular University of Utah course without the stress of grades and exams. Similar to auditing a course but much less expensive.

Lifelong Learning

Class Title
101 Plants to Know
9 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book
Add People to Your Watercolors
Alterations and Repairs: Make Your Closet Go Further
Back Roads Utah
Backcountry Car Camping
Backyard Birding
Bee Keeping
Beginning Arabic-Fast!
Beginning Chromatic Harmonica
Beginning Drawing
Beginning Guitar I
Beginning Guitar II
Being with Horses
Botany for Gardeners
Building a 3-String Cigar Box Guitar
But First, Tea!
Cake Decorating: Trends and Essentials
Camp Cooking
Chinese Calligraphy
Chinese Papercutting
Coffee: From Crop to Cup
Conversational French I
Conversational Italian I
Conversational Spanish I
Creating Your Personal Brand for Career Enhancement
Creative Writing
Creative Writing Bootcamp
Designing With Fresh Flowers
Designing with Fresh Flowers - Bring Your Garden Inside
Develop Your Photographic Eye
Digital Illustration in Photoshop
Digital Photography II
Digital Photography: An Introduction
Digital Photography: Nuts and Bolts for DSLR
Discover Italy! Wine Series: Discover the Region of Piemonte
Discover Italy! Wine Series: Discover the Region of Sardegna
Discover Italy! Wine Series: Discover the Region of Tuscany
Diving Into Beer: English Ales
DIY Ceramics
Experience the Diverse and Deliciously Dry Rosés of France
Explorations in Sketchbook & Journaling
Exploring Utah's Land Art: Discussions on Spiral Jetty (1970) and Sun Tunnels (1973-76)
Fine Chocolates: An Introduction
Food Truck 101
French for Travelers
Fungal Ecology: From Forest to Farm (or Garden!)
Fungi Inside and Out
Gins from Around the World
Gothic Hand Calligraphy
Grow Your Own Herbs
Homemade Lotion and Creams
Houseplants 101
How to Organize Your Digital Photos
How to Water Almost Anything
How to Win the Interview
I Want to Write, Where Do I Start?
Illustration Workshop
Instagram for Business
Intermediate Guitar: Learn to Play David Bowie
Intermediate Guitar: Learn to Play Neil Young
Intermediate Guitar: Learn to Play The Beatles
Intermediate Watercolor Painting
Intro to Quilting
Intro to the Enneagram
Introduction to African Studies
Introduction to Backpacking
Introduction to Lightroom
Introduction to Podcasting
Italian White Wine Extravaganza
Japanese for Travelers
Jewelry Maker Series: Braided Bracelet
Jewelry Maker Series: Riveted Bangle Bracelet
Jewelry Maker Series: Woven Earrings
Journaling- Nurturing a Daily Writing Practice
Lawn and Lawn Alternatives
Learn to Play Cigar Box Guitar
Macrame Classic Knots Wall Hanging
Macrame Classic Plant Hanger
Macrame Retro Plant Hanger
Making Bitters
Mandarin Chinese I
Mediterranean and Egyptian Dishes: A Healthy Cooking Class
Mycology for Beginners
Nigerian Short Stories
Novel Writing Workshop
Outdoor Container Gardening Workshop
Outdoor Photography: Boot and Shoot
Painting with Acrylics: Perfectly Personal Still-Life
Perennials: Late Summer and Fall Bloomers
Perennials: Spring and Summer Bloomers
Performance Changes You: A Performing Arts Approach to Personal and Professional Development
Photoshop for Photographers
Piping with Tips: Beginning Cake Decorating
Pollinators and Their Habitat
Portfolio Assembly and Review
Portrait Drawing
Public Speaking: Content & Confidence
Quick Sketch Watercolors
Read Like a Writer
Reclaim the Curb! Designing for Parkstrips
Right Brain Photography
Rock Art Hot Spots
Short Story Workshop
Short Story Writing
Soundwalking: Music Experience and Creation During the Pandemic and Beyond...
Succulent Garden Workshop
Sugar & A Healthy Diet
Terrarium Workshop
The Four Noble Truths: Buddhist Principles for a Happy Life
The Meditation Experience
The Seven Relationship Unities: A Buddhist Perspective on Relationships
Trees and Shrubs for Residential Landscapes
Unusual Trees and Shrubs for the Residential Landscape
Utah Watercolor Landscape Under the Milky Way
Vegetable Gardening - Extending the Harvest
Vegetable Gardening Basics
Visioning Your Career
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve: Sewing Textiles to Express Your Values
Whiskies of the World
Wonderful World of Rose Gardening
Writing Trauma
Yes, You Can Draw Figures!
Your Family History: What to do With All That Junk

Professional Education

Become a leader in your field with targeted training and in-depth certificate programs for any industry.