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The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Utah offers a rich and evolving array of courses, lectures, and special activities, taught by distinguished emeritus faculty, scholars, and community experts. Members from all walks of life bring a lifetime of experience to the classroom and our activities. If you're age 50 or better, click here to become a member, and join us!

Classes range from current events to arts and culture, Utah-specific topics and politics, to tech and healthy living. Check out the available classes. (An Osher membership is required for course registration.)

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Free talks by Osher faculty or members that are open to all – come and see what the program is all about.

Register now! Osher Homecoming Lecture:
College of Science
September 22, 2021 | 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Cleone Peterson Eccles Alumni House

A discussion with Dean Peter Trapa and Dr. Bill Anderegg on how the College of Science is creating solutions to Utah's challenges.

Bill AndereggIf recent months are any indication, the world needs ambitious, cutting-edge science more than ever. Join Peter Trapa, the Dean of the College of Science, as he highlights how the College is meeting the needs of Utah and our world. Dean Trapa will discuss research highlights, new initiatives, and ambitious opportunities for our community of scientists and mathematicians. Learn how the College is engaging students, starting from their first day on campus, in research labs and providing a framework for continued scientific discovery for the next generation.

Dean Peter TrappaFollowing Dean Trapa, hear from Dr. Bill Anderegg on how his research on western forests is making a significant impact on our landscape, and how his work is helping to preserve the west's majestic forests from the threats of wildfires, drought, and our changing climate. Dr. Anderegg strives to understand the future of the Earth's forests in a changing climate - massive mortality events of many tree species in the last decade prompt concerns that drought, insects, and wildfire may devastate forests in the coming decades. Widely published, Anderegg studies how drought and climate change affect forest ecosystems, including tree physiology, species interactions, carbon cycling, and biosphere-atmosphere feedbacks.

This event promises to educate and engage you on how science continues to create solutions, and how the University of Utah is leading the way.

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The Institute is managed by a small staff supported by numerous member volunteers. Our instructors are distinguished emeritus faculty, scholars, and experts from the community who share a passion for teaching and appreciation for all that mature students bring to the classroom. Find out more about our history and the faces behind our program.

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I admire Steve Hall's classes. His passion for the subject matter is evident from the presentation. Very informative and entertaining. Also, I am impressed with his recognition of the assistance from staff. I wished it could have continued for an additional hour..
— Mary H, Summer 2021

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