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Continuing Education

If you knew that you would live to be 105, how would you approach learning?

We ask that question every day here at University Connected Learning (UCL), which encompasses Continuing Education, UOnline, and Digital Learning.

UCL provides the U's enabling services, programs, and tools that connect U students and community learners with flexible educational offerings, allowing them to learn, return, or refresh throughout their careers and a lifetime of learning.

We have seen the power of education at work in breaking the cycle of poverty in our own lives and in the lives of those close to us. We strongly believe in providing access to education, especially for underserved and underrepresented students who would otherwise struggle to afford our classes, and hope to expand current efforts through the UCL Scholarship fund.

We develop programs that connect you to the University of Utah throughout your life, from your first summer camp in second grade to your quest for even more knowledge throughout your retirement.

Our programs make a University of Utah education approachable, excite students about returning to the U, and keep minds and bodies active well into the golden years. This requires creativity in how we deliver classes, with an emphasis on flexibility and personalization. We are constantly adapting to bring the University of Utah to you in this 100-year learning journey. If you are able, we encourage you to help financially support students who may not otherwise be able to continue their learning journey. Your participation means so much to the community and the lifelong learners that we serve.

Thank you for everything that you do to support Continuing Education and the 100-year learning journey. We hope to see you in a classroom soon!

Deborah Keyek-Franssen, Dean | Continuing Education

PATHS | Providing Access Throughout High School

African American Paths Student

“PATHS is a program that provides you with help and resources to get you through high school and prepare you for college by experiencing the college life early on. Along with that you have a lot of fun and are a part of exciting activities. You get to meet new people and create great friendships."
--10th Grade, Class of 2021

Return to the U

Return to the U Graduate

“RTU has an excellent online program. They offer a lot of scholarships and grants that I definitely took advantage of. And they have a diverse community of inclusivity, and I love the professors–they were probably my favorite part of attending… My experience at the U was really amazing. It felt like it was perfect timing and everything was falling into place. I was a little out of sorts going back to the U and everyone really helped me get back into it… The Return to the U program allowed me to earn my degree which changed my life, not my lifestyle.”
--Hillary Bess, Class of 2023

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Utah

Senior Citizen Osher Members

“I can't wait to get to class, such a wide array of classes and no tests or papers. I am a scholarship recipient and, next to raising my grandson, this is the best thing in my life. Thank you so very much!”
--Judy Miller, Osher participant

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Planned Giving

Continuing Education welcomes your deferred or planned gifts. These gifts may take the form of bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, property, pooled income funds, charitable lead trusts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, and many other types of planned gifts.

See helpful information regarding planned giving at the University of Utah. If you would like more specific information or would like to discuss your gift in person, please contact:

Jodi Emery
Associate Dean
Continuing Education
Or use our online contact form.