House Bill 60 for Seniors
Continuing Education & Community Engagement

You Can Have a Whole Lot of Fun When You're Old Enough!

If you're 62 or older and a resident of Utah, you may audit many regular University classes numbered 1000-4999 for a mere $25 per semester in addition to any special fee attached to the class.

Known as House Bill 60, the program is just the ticket for seniors who want to keep current in their fields they know and love or learn something new.

How Do I Register?

Our quick and convenient phone registration begins at 10 am. Please call 801-581-7155 and press 8. If you wish to register In person, you may do so starting at 9 am at 540 Arapeen Drive.

Important Dates

  • Tuesday, Jan 4 – Registration begins
    • Registration will end at 4:00pm on January 21
  • Monday, January 10 – Classes begin
  • Friday, January 21 – Last day to drop classes
  • Friday, January 21 – Last day to add classes
    (if you add a class between January 15 and 21, you must obtain a permission code from the class. This permission code does not guarantee registration in the class. Please see enrollment restrictions below)

View additional important dates by following this link.

Important Information

  • Registrations must be submitted to Continuing Education and cannot be submitted online
  • Classes will be taken as an audit, no University credit will be awarded
  • Students cannot be enrolled in courses for credit and HB60 audit courses during the same semester
  • Students desiring college credit must follow regular admissions and registration procedures and pay full tuition and fees
  • Registration fee does not cover cost of books, supplies, parking or special fees

Class Information

Eligible classes:

  • Classes offered for credit, numbered 1000 to 4999. See restrictions below.
  • Space available at time of registration.
  • Classes taught on main SLC campus.


  • Noncredit classes
  • Classes that require acceptance into a major
  • For classes that have a pre-requisite; you must obtain a permission number from either the instructor or the Department offering the course, to enroll
  • Classes taught at the Sandy Campus, Asia Campus, or UOnline Undergraduate Tuition Classes.
  • Classes that are listed as Continuing Education or have AOCE attribute
    (Math 1010 for example)
  • Classes that create increased instructional or administrative cost or increase the normal teaching load of the instructor
  • Classes/Depts specifically not allowed: ACCTG, ATHL, CS, ECE, ESSF 1048, ESSF 1049, ESSF 1053, ESSF 1054, ESSF 1800, ESSF 1801, ESSF 1802, FINAN, FP MD, H GEN, IS, MD LB, MGT, MKTG, NURS, PATH, PH TX, PHCEU, PHSYL, PRTL, PRTS, PRTW, UGS, WRTG, GOBL

I have read and understood the terms and I am acknowledging, by checking this box, that I am ready to register for these courses.

Get your UCARD Today!

House Bill 60 students can receive a University ID card. You will need this ID for library privileges. Visit their website at, or come to the UCard Office (154 Union) or call 801-581-2273 for more information. There is a $10 fee for your first card.


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