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Learning Through Robotics

Learning Through Robotics offers interactive learning using “hands on” material and equipment. Elementary and middle school students who like to do engineering subjects, maths, and sciences will love our classes because of the interaction they will have with several types of robots. They will actually build mini robots using building models, attaching sensors and motors that are plugged into a computer and configure its behavior using a simple programming tool developed by world’s leading research institutions and robotic companies.

Learning Through Robotics Classes Include:

Intro to Robotics (Age 6-7)

Junior Robotics with Scratch (Age 8-10)

Robotics for Girls (Age 10 -13)

YAE: Competitive Robot Games: Robo-Soccer (Age 10-12)

YAE: STEMDu: Advanced Robotics & Programming (Age 13-15)

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Youth Education develops interests and passions through experiential education and extends the resources of the University of Utah to students eighteen and under.

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My daughter really enjoyed the trip to the school of medicine and all the science experiments! The program was filled with many fun and educational activities.

Parent comment from "Spring 2015 Spring Break Bash", Spring 2015

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