Frequently Asked Questions About Our Programs
Continuing Education

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Continuing Education (CE) offers credit, noncredit and professional courses covering a wide range of topics from art to sports to writing. Areas within Continuing Education include Lifelong Learning, Youth Education, Certification Preparation, Professional Education and Certificate Programs, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, the English Language Institute as well as Academic Noncredit and Academic Credit courses. Educational travel is available with Go Learn.

Continuing Education students may register for NON-CREDIT courses without formal admission to the University of Utah. Registrations are taken in person at the Registration Office in Continuing Education, 1185 Annex Bldg. or by calling 801-581-6461 to register by telephone, or you can register online via our website after you select the class(es) you want by using our shopping cart system.

Students may register for CREDIT COURSES, following admission to the University as either a matriculated or non-matriculated student. You can learn more about the application process and deadlines by referring to the Admissions Office website.

When the admission process is complete, students may register for credit courses online using the web registration system.

Yes. Grades earned in CE credit classes become part of your official University transcript.

Non-credit classes also appear on your transcript.

Many regular classes, professional development and Lifelong Learning courses are offered on a noncredit format. There are also many exercise and recreation courses available on a noncredit basis.

There are a variety of noncredit, Lifelong Learning, and Youth courses that can be taken without receiving a grade or credit.

Students registered at the University of Utah are eligible to receive an identification card which entitles them to library and some other privileges. If you do not have a University of Utah I.D. card you may request one at 154 University Union, MWF 9-5, TTh 9-2. I.D. cards will be issued to registered students upon presentation of another form of identification.

Please call 801-581-2273 for specific information about University of Utah ID cards.

The University offers 50% tuition reduction for eligible employees and their families. Applicants must meet tuition reduction eligibility rules before the first day of the semester and must continue to be eligible on the first day of the semester. Applications for Tuition Reduction are due prior to the first day of each semester. Applications are not allowed once the semester begins. Tuition must be paid in full (including any credits that may be applied) by the tuition due date or classes will be dropped.

To use this benefit, eligible employees must fill-out the Tuition Reduction Agreement Form, available through the Human Resources department. Follow the directions on that page to submit your form.

Employees must fill out one form for each term in which they want to take classes; the form does not carry over from term to term. Special fees attached to a class are not included in tuition reduction and must be paid in full. Please contact us at 801-581-6461 for clarification of class tuition and special fees if needed.

Yes, there are a couple of options available. One program is called House Bill 60 and participants must meet the age 62 requirement to enroll. There is also the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, which is a membership program for students over 50.

Classes are offered at the main University of Utah campus, as well as off-campus locations in Sandy and St. George. There are also other locations specific to a class.

Our new building in Research Park at 540 Arapeen has plenty of free parking. No permit required!
At the University of Utah sites in Sandy and St. George, there is also ample free parking.

Please see our Campus Locations page for maps, office hours, and courses offered at each location.

The University of Utah seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services, and activities for people with disabilities. Reasonable prior notice is needed to arrange accommodations. Please call 801-585-1780 to be connected to the Continuing Education unit responsible for your class, or contact the University's Center for Disability Services or 801-581-5020.

You may read all of our policies on this page: Privacy, Accessibility and Security Policies

Contact the University Admissions office, 250 SSB, or call 801-581-7281. For more information, visit the Return to the U website

All classes appear on the website, but you can also fill out our catalog web form and we'll mail you a printed version of any available catalog, such as Lifelong or Youth Education catalogs. You can also call us at 801-581-6461 and give us your mailing address.

Catalogs are also available at many community libraries. Or stop by any of our locations in Sandy or St. George to pick one up.