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We are focused on getting you the classes you need at flexible times and in a variety of formats to help you get to graduation sooner. Take a class and see how easy it can be to fit your classes into your busy life.

Spring Break Dates: March 11-15, 2019
  • All Classes Meet 8 am - 5 pm
  • Register in CIS. For questions, call 801-585-9963


This class requires a permission code to add. To prevent time conflict errors, register for other classes first, then add the World Religions intensive class using a permission code. Click here for a list of permission codes.

"This class was a nice way to get something out before the official start of the semester. It was a lot of work and planning around family, but it was worth it. It was a very busy class and fast paced but if you kept up with it, it was not bad. It was a nice alternative to have this class. I would consider doing another one in the future if it also meant that I could graduate faster."
Pre Summer Dates: May 6-10, 2019



Upcoming Fall Classes

Pre Fall: August 12-16

Fall Break: Oct 7-11

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These intensive classes will be as rigorous as a semester-long class and requires attendance at each class session. In addition to time spent in the classroom, students will be required to complete pre- and post-work. This work may include reading from the textbook or other sources, as well as completing online lectures, assignment and exams.