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We are focused on getting you the classes you need at flexible times and in a variety of formats to help you get to graduation sooner. Take a class and see how easy it can be to fit your classes into your busy life.

**We were recently informed by University administration that all classes held during the week of Jan 11 – 15 must be held online only. Due to this, all classes have been moved to an IVC/Canvas format.

Upcoming Spring 2021 Intensive Classes
Mon-Fri, January 11-15 from 8 AM – 5 PM

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Spring (continued):

Mon-Fri, January 11-15 from 8 AM – 5 PM


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These intensive classes will be as rigorous as a semester-long class and requires attendance at each class session. In addition to time spent in the classroom, students will be required to complete pre- and post-work. This work may include reading from the textbook or other sources, as well as completing online lectures, assignment and exams. Reading and/or assignments may be due prior to first day of class. Please check with instructor or refer to the class syllabus on the class schedule or in Canvas.

Eight hours of attendance is required each day. Students must have webcams as you will be required to have your camera on during class.

"This class was a nice way to get something out before the official start of the semester. It was a lot of work and planning around family, but it was worth it. It was a very busy class and fast paced but if you kept up with it, it was not bad. It was a nice alternative to have this class. I would consider doing another one in the future if it also meant that I could graduate faster."