Romantic Germany - Tales and Legends
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October 05-13, 2019
Double Occupancy: $4390 per person
Single Occupancy: $4790 per person
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Germany - Tales and Legends: Overview

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Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again. — C.C. Lewis

Once upon a time, long before Facebook, television and movies, radio, books and print, and even before postal service, entertainment came in a different form. Stories delivered the fun, and like any good entertainment should, stories transmitted lessons. In a colder and darker time, stories formed and firmed cultural norms, and lived in the smallest towns and most impoverished corners of a land that only much, much later became Germany.

Tour Overview

Heidelberg Join Go Learn and Professor Karin Baumgartner on an incredibly unique journey to the roots of German Fairy Tales. Learn how the Brothers Grimm, searching for the base of a common German language, discovered and collected those tales and lessons from traveling storytellers and French refugees. Travel with us on the Romantic Road, crossing the Neckar, Mosel, Rhein, and Main rivers. Venture into the Spessart Forest, the darkest of all German forests, and discover places of magical repose.

This is not a Disney tour but the magic and beauty encountered on this journey will appeal to all ages, even younger travelers and families. Stories and places visited will take you deep into German, French, and local culture. Never have education and vacation paired better than on the Fairy Tale tour.

Know Before You Go:

Romantic Germany is considered Level Two of Go Learn's three classifications of physical ability levels. For more information regarding physical ability levels click HERE.

Tour Highlights Include:

  • fachwerkhausNine incredible days in magical places of half-timbered towns in the heart of Germany.
  • A fully guided tour by your own literature expert, Professor Karin Baumgartner, to the roots of German Fairy Tales and the towns, woods, and places that gave us those stories.
  • Highlight tours of the National Gallery and other art museums.
  • Daily tour talks and Happy Hours to expand the learning, understand history, and deepen our experience far beyond the ordinary tourist.
  • Sixteen meals including eight hand-picked culinary highlights only locals would know about.
  • All local guides, entrances, private luxury coach, Rhein riverboat cruise, tips and much more included.
  • Seven stunning hotel accommodations in the heart of each town on our circle through the heart of Germany.
  • • Visit Heidelberg town and Castle, The Romantic Road, Philippsruhe Castle in Hanau, Brothers Grimm House, German Spa Hotel in Bad Orb, 700 half-timbered houses of Hann-Münden, Inner German Wall Museum (Cold War), World of Grimm exhibition in Kassel, UNESCO World Heritage sites such as Bergpark Schloss Wilhelmshöhe, University of Marburg, and Castle Ehrenbreitstein in Coblenz.
  • Hikes in the Spessart Forest, enjoy dinner with a Grimm story teller, and experience a Castle studded Rhein River Cruise.