Natalee Thompson is a Certified Master Beekeeper and honey bee enthusiast. She became interested in keeping bees, as a hobby, because of her connection with nature and engaged farm life. Honey bees were a natural addition to her agricultural repertoire. She started beekeeping in 2006 with a small bee book and a small colony of honey bees. Intense curiosity and the drive to be a "successful" beekeeper, led her on an unexpected learning, information sharing and beekeeping adventure.

Learning by teaching others has been her mission. Educating, encouraging and assisting new beekeepers in learning about these fascinating insects, and how to manage them, continues to be a wonderful experience. Instructing for the Lifelong Learning program in the Continuing Education department at the University of Utah, Private Lecturing, Instructor for IFA, and past Program Director for the Wasatch Beekeeping Association in Utah, have given her many years of teaching opportunities and experience. She speaks at schools, community events and actively mentors new beekeepers. Originator of the "Art of Beekeeping in Utah" Facebook page, she offers a local online place where beekeepers in Utah can connect and share information, ideas and discuss issues that effect honey bees. In the 2016 beekeeping season, she served as an assistant Salt Lake County Apiary Inspector.

"The instructor was very knowledgeable about bee-keeping. The instruction, interaction, and answers to questions came from years of real-world hands-on experience, which really helped. This class has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to successfully start a bee-keeping hobby. Thanks!"

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