Instructor: RACHAEL BUSH


Rachael Bush got her Botany degree from Weber State University. Shortly after graduating, she was offered the position of lab manager for the Department of Botany. She spent eight years working with the faculty, staff, and students of the department, enriching her knowledge of plants, and how people use them. Since then, she has developed a series of recipes for natural body care that are good for you and good for the environment. Rachael is also an artist and author who writes and illustrates the Botany for Everyone series, because everyone should know the basics of botany. You can read more at When she's not creating, she volunteers at schools, libraries, and with the League of Utah Writers.

What Students are Saying:

"I have attended several of Rachel's courses. She is a very engaging instructor, has a wide knowledge base and fun. I highly recommend any of her courses."
-Cathie D.

"Rachel's knowledge of botany and creating natural botanicals for the body is amazing. Her presentation included comprehensive information about materials and ingredients. During the hands on portion of the class she was very encouraging as we made our own balms. Her love of her work is very evident in her teaching."
-Frances K.

"The professor was incredible. I wish all my courses were taught by her. So knowledgeable and passionate. Highly recommend. Will be joining future classes of hers."
- Rachel K.

"The instructor was funny, thorough, helpful. She provided all the materials you could want and explained each one, why it was used, how it was used, and the quality of products. I would attend another class taught by this instructor for sure!"
-Bethann P.

"I have taken multiple classes from this instructor. She is wonderful! She is entertaining, knowledgeable, very organized and generous with her knowledge. You always walk away with great DIY products."
-Cathie D.

"I LOVED this class!! It brought back memories of mixing up "potions" in my bathroom as a child, except these products are beautiful and useful!! Rachel is an extremely thorough instructor, teaching everything about the project from the health benefits of the products we used, to details about printing labels for the containers, to tips on how and where to buy all the supplies needed. She is fun and patient and very knowledgeable."
-Monica S.

RACHAEL BUSH is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Alcohol Inks: An Introduction Spring 4/27/24 Lifelong Learning
Succulents: An Introduction Spring 3/23/24 Lifelong Learning
Air Plants: An Introduction Spring 4/13/24 Lifelong Learning
Botanical Remedies for Every Body Summer 6/22/24 Lifelong Learning
Botanical Beauty: Lip Tints Spring 3/02/24 Lifelong Learning
Botanical Beauty: Natural Perfume Summer 7/13/24 Lifelong Learning