Mïa Vollkommer is a jeweler, small-business woman, teacher, cat lady and a lover of pho and Kung Fu movies. She has been teaching beading and jewelry techniques for 12 years now at venues around the country - most notably for 8 years at the Smithsonian Associates (the Smithsonian Institution's continuing education program) and most recently at Silverschmidt Design Studio in Salt Lake City. For the last two years, Ms. Vollkommer has been making and selling her jewelry around Salt Lake and across the Southwest with her business 2 dots over the i. When teaching, Ms. Vollkommer derives great pleasure from showing her students that creativity and the maker's spirit are in each and every one of us, just waiting to be discovered.

MIA VOLLKOMMER is currently teaching:

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MIA VOLLKOMMER has previously taught:

  • Micro Macrame Necklace
  • Creative Mind Mapping
  • Heritage Jewelry Techniques - Precision Knotting for Gemstones and Pearls
  • Introduction to Wire Work - Beaded Abacus Necklace
  • Wearable Sculpture - Jewelry Inspired by Alexander Calder