Instructor: TROY SCOTTER


Troy has been studying rock art in Utah for the past twenty years. He first discovered rock art after crawling out of his tent one morning to discover that he had set up camp, in the dark, below a large Barrier Canyon Style rock art panel. He is a long time member of the Utah Rock Art Research Association and has served as an officer, board member, or president of that organization for more than a dozen years. He also serves as an officer in the American Rock Art Research Association. Troy has worked with federal, state and local government agencies on many projects associated with rock art preservation. He hasn't seen all of the rock art in Utah, but he has made a good faith effort.

"Mr. Scotter was passionate about the material, and this translated to our class! The pictures were wonderful. During the class, I decided to make a beeline for the private McConkie Ranch and arrived later that afternoon in Vernal for the most incredible, haunting, visual delights. Also met one of the owners which further enriched my visit. The class, an impromptu trip, beautiful weather, and amazing vistas made for a fabulous weekend. Look forward to exploring more of the sites recommended in class."

TROY SCOTTER is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Rock Art Hot Spots Spring 4/01/23 Lifelong Learning