Instructor: JANET FAUGHT


Janet has a BS in Biology, a K-8th grade teaching credential, and a BFA in Art. She is currently on the board of the Utah Calligraphic Artists Calligraphy Guild. She enjoys teaching students of all ages. Her interests include Calligraphy, Painting and Drawing, Reading, Bookbinding, Knitting, Wheel thrown Ceramics, Classical Guitar, Studying creativity, Learning to speak French, and continually learning in general. Janet was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, and moved to Utah in 1984.

What Students are Saying:

"Janet is an outstanding instructor: highly skilled, inventive, encouraging at all skill levels, goes above and beyond for her students. She is fun and encourages a camaraderie among her students." -Virginia R.

"Janet is such a knowledgeable teacher and willing to share everything she knows. You might think a person couldn't talk about fountain pens for 12 hrs but I learned so much and have a stack of resources for any additional research or questions. Wonderful class!!!" -Connie C.

JANET FAUGHT is currently teaching:

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JANET FAUGHT has previously taught:

  • Beginning Italic Calligraphy
  • Class Up Your Correspondence with Letter-Locking
  • Ink-a-dink-a-doo: Fountain Pens and Ink
  • Art Journal Magnifique
  • Gothic Hand Calligraphy