Randin Graves is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and one of the world's leading non-Aboriginal exponents of the Australian didgeridoo. He has played with diverse musicians from classical chamber ensembles to Aboriginal elders and has given presentations on the instrument everywhere from United States elementary schools to the National Museum of Australia. His CDs have been played on every continent, including Antarctica.

As an Australian-American Fulbright scholar and manager of the esteemed Buku-Larrnggay Mulka art centre in the remote Aboriginal township of Yirrkala from 2004-2009, Randin was literally appointed as an ambassador of the instrument and its culture by two governments and a council of Aboriginal elders. He has a passion for sharing his experiences with the culture that originated the didgeridoo. As a trained western musician, he is also passionate about raising awareness about the great musicality of the oft misunderstood instrument.

RANDIN GRAVES is currently teaching:

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RANDIN GRAVES has previously taught:

  • Australian Didgeridoo - Introductory Workshop
  • Australian Didgeridoo - Playing and Culture