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Karen Kurka Jensen is an accomplished sumi-e artist, portraying her deep connection to nature through mystical landscapes and abstract images. Jensen grew up in Minnesota where she was sidetracked from a library career following a traumatic car accident. She went in search of alternative healing after her doctors could not relieve her chronic pain. She met a traditional Chinese healer who not only treated her successfully but introduced her to the Chinese culture and heritage. This "accident" led her down a path of discovery, in falling in love with the art of sumi-e. She began studying with masters of the art form in Minneapolis, Susan Frame and Susan Christie, studying with them for over 10 years. Early in her career, she developed her own sumi-e inspired style of abstract expressionism; her dreamy landscapes and images take the viewer on a journey into their own souls. Read more about Karen and her work by clicking on link to 15 Bytes article,

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