Darby, a native of Salt Lake City and the sole girl among seven brothers, grew up with a tomboy streak, a love for radio, an entrepreneurial spirit - from running lemonade stands to selling out of her homemade lollipops in junior high - always with a tech-savvy edge. Her early days as a college DJ hinted at a future intertwining entertainment and tech. At 19 she moved herself to Hollywood, by 29 she had owned a recording studio, and soon after, she was a pioneering voiceover artist in Silicon Valley with one of the earliest AI voice systems, a venture so successful that she's been heard trillions of times globally.

The past decade Darby has been working diligently in higher education at the University of Utah, the public sector for the State of Utah, and in various non-profit efforts, to blend her passion for entertainment, innovation and economics. Today, as a Ph.D. Candidate at Regent University, Darby's mission is to apply research backed entertainment-education methods to make complex tech concepts relatable and beneficial for everyone.

Through her specially crafted courses, Darby empowers individuals across various professions to harness the power of emerging tech, helping them be equipped with tools to improve their lives and careers. For her, it's more than just understanding; it's about leveraging tech to elevate humanity.

DARBY MCDONOUGH is currently teaching:

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DARBY MCDONOUGH has previously taught:

  • AI Unleashed: Empowering Everyday Life with Artificial Intelligence
  • Songwriting 101