Instructor: Kim Eden

Kim Eden

Kimberly has spent most of her youth in nature, mostly climbing in trees. In her most recent years, she decided to take her passion to the next level and make it a career. After moving to Utah, she started studying what will grow here and found the study of horticulture very interesting. Kimberly began work at Arbor Day Nursery and expanded her connection with plants. Over the last few years she grew to understand more about the complexities of gardening and landscaping in a plateau desert. She is now the manager at the nursery and a residential landscape designer, where many people seek her advice on growing in Utah. To expand her ability to help her customers, community and personal understanding, she enrolled in the Master's in Horticulture program offered through USU online.

Kim Eden is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Unusual Trees and Shrubs for the Residential Landscape Summer Online, Starting: 6/07/21 Lifelong Learning
Trees and Shrubs for Residential Landscapes Summer Online, Starting: 5/11/21 Lifelong Learning
Perennials: Spring and Summer Bloomers Summer Online, Starting: 5/10/21 Lifelong Learning
Perennials: Late Summer and Fall Bloomers Summer Online, Starting: 7/27/21 Lifelong Learning