Drawing from 35+ years professional experience in theatre as an actor and director, Valerie combines presentation delivery techniques, psychology, and the latest communication research to help professionals develop a strong and influential speaking style.

She has successfully coached leaders in global politics, business, law, financial planning, digital marketing, IT technology/management, computer visualization, online software, healthcare, science, medicine, the arts, TED talks, urban
planning, rodeo queen competitions, and others to invigorate and sharpen the value of their communication efforts, and enhance the quality of experience their audience is having.

She is the owner of ConsciousSpeaking - a public speaking and presentation skills consulting business that provides private speaker coaching, education & career training, and workshops on confident and creative communication.
She is a presentation skills specialist (ad hoc) for Pathway Associates and holds a BFA Theatre, MFA Arts Administration, and ESL Linguistics from the University of Utah.

VALERIE KITTEL is currently teaching:

Class Title Semester Date(s) Program
Public Speaking Workshop Spring 2/23/19 Lifelong Learning

VALERIE KITTEL has previously taught:

  • Professional Speaking - A Performance Based Approach